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Rainforest Trees Australia iPhone App

New App on identifying eastern Australian rainforest trees now available on iTunes

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The Rainforest Trees Australia App enables you to easily identify rainforest trees which are native to eastern Australia.

There are over 300 tree species listed and identified by their trunk, bark, common, scientific, and family name. Each tree description is presented in high resolution, original photographs and carries specific details regarding its timber uses, weight, and appearance.

rainforest-trees-australiaRainforest Trees Australia was launched by Australian rainforest tree identification expert, Peter Poropat. With over 30 years’ experience in identifying eastern Australian rainforest trees, he has published two popular books on the subject, both of which are available from his website: www.barksandtrunks.com.au.

Peter also organises rainforest tree identification walks. For more information, please contact him here.

To start identifying Rainforest Trees now, purchase the app for your iPhone on the Apple iTunes store.

The App to Identify Eastern Australian Rainforest Trees